Wednesday, June 8, 2016


"We went on a sick hike!!"

Hey Family,
This week has been awesome! Here are some of the things that happened! 

June 3, 2016 9:40 PM Friday

So I am still with Elder Manning! Hahah we didn't have time to switch back because I took so dang long on the exchange report... There was a party going on at the church with a ton of crazy music that was pretty questionable. We had a great day though! It was awesome to get on bikes again. We street contacted this kid named Jimmy from China and picked him up as a new investigator. He was atheist but SUPER nice! We had dinner at the Landvatter's house. They are a super cool family! Their son Braxton came out on splits with us and he rode his longboard along side us on bikes. It was sweet.

June 2, 2016 9:38 PM Thursday

So today was a great day! We had a lesson with Brooke at temple square and it went good. We had Jessie Mahas there helping teach and Ben was there as well. We used the kiosk down in the North visitors center to teach the Doctrine of Christ and it was great!  We also went on splits this evening with Jonathan and Morgan. Jonathan has been baptized for only a few months and he was SUCH A GOOD MISSIONARY. As a Boy Scout, he did a lot of door knocking and he is so friendly and good at talking to people! It was awesome. Right now I am on exchanges with Elder Manning and he is awesome.

May 29, 2016 10:17 PM Sunday

We met this guy named Barclay! We met him on Friday and invited him to church. He reminds me of a boy version of Jessie Moe. He loves football and has had a few concussions over the years. His family is super awesome and moved here from San Clemente like 12 years ago. He is less active. Fell away in high school. We called him yesterday and asked what tie he wanted us to bring him for church and he said a skinny one! We went by his house about two hours before church and everyone in his house was asleep we are pretty sure. His mom got up and let us in and she said "help yourself" and went back to her bed. (Remember we met this family only two days before) We fought off the dogs upstairs and then didn't know which room was Barclays so we just left the shirt and tie on the couch and walked out the front door... He texted us thirty minutes later and asked what time church was! He showed up and had a good time! He knew quite a few people and stayed all three hours. It's been amazing seeing my patriarchal blessing come true and I felt like I was truly fulfilling a calling. 

"Exchanges with Elder Manning!"
I have been doing A LOT better at writing in my journal as you can tell!  Nathan Nadal emailed me yesterday and I emailed him back. I AM SO STOKED! I can't believe there have been eight people from our stake that have been called/serving/served to Salt Lake Missions. THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON! It's so cool to know that the Lord is sending us here and he has great purposes in mind. 

Dad, I told Sister Eberhardt that I really wasn't really sure how old you were... Can you guys put together all of our family birthdays and stuff. I haven't really tried to remember things like that but it is something I want to improve about myself. Include ages.

Tres Fronteras! You should have sent a picture. I am jealous anyway. I love the insight from your Stake Conference. Mom I am glad to hear that girl's camp went good! It seemed like you had a great time! I loved the picture of you and Becca in the Hammock! You are still a kid at heart! I told Nathan to ask me any questions as he is preparing! Becca I love you Punk!!! All the pictures were great! You are a great leader of good attitudes at girl’s camp. I used to hate hearing girls complaining about camp. Preston keep working hard and helping Dad. He is getting old ;)

Elder Moe!!!
More of the "sick hike"
"Elder Manning is a Punk!"

Taking a break while doing some service.
"This guy served in Elder Dubbeld's home ward in Holland!"

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