Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Recurring Dreams

"And it came to pass they have so much swag." Elders Moe & Soelberg
Dear Family,

Some cool things lately! 
We have been working with a missionary that served here in this area that is living with his old Ward mission leader! He has been helping us find and has had us follow up on people that he taught while he was here. He is from Canada and his name is Bryce! When we were meeting with him, his roommate took us to get snow cones and when he was giving us some Philippine mangos from Costco, I accidentally spilled the shaved ice all down his car. We died laughing for a good minute.

Moe & Manning
We ate dinner with a High Councilor in one of the wards and his wife told us this hilarious story from her mission. She was in Japan with a Japanese companion and couldn't speak the language at all. She was trying to be really healthy and she loved cracked wheat so that is what she started eating everyday for meals. She would just boil cracked wheat and eat it like oatmeal. Well, she started gaining weight like crazy and growing black hairs on her upper lip. Come to find out, the cracked wheat that she found was for cows and was treated with hormones. She gained 30 pounds that she kept her entire mission. Looking back, she realized that it computed to about a pound a day that she was gaining... It was cool to see her perspective though. She said it was her humble stick and that she really needed it at that time in her life. She is totally in shape now, doesn't have a mustache and is living a great life! When she told the story we were all dying laughing! 

Some of the lessons learned that I was talking about in last weeks letter were just working hard and putting in your all. I have gained a testimony that if your not even trying to put your 100% in, you are wasting a lot of time. My Heavenly Father has been preparing me to learn this lesson and he is such a great teacher. A few weeks ago I started having really recurring dreams that I was home (sorry Mom, I love you, but that's scary). It's not the fact that in the dreams I was home that was scary, but the overwhelming feeling that accompanies those dreams; It's a feeling of no satisfaction, a feeling like I didn't give it everything, that I was home before I was supposed to be. It was a feeling like I didn’t learn what I was supposed to learn or find who I was supposed to find. I saw within the last few weeks, what makes that difference in feeling that, and feeling all the good things in this work. Since I have been able to identify it, I can work on it! We worked way hard this week and tried not to waste a single minute and although we didn’t find through our own efforts, we had miracles at church! We received a few really solid referrals from a member we just met that is on the ball! He is going to be setting up a lesson with one of his friends for next week. We also got a call from Sisters in the San Antonio mission about an investigator that just moved here that wants to be baptized. We also had a new nonmember at church; hopefully soon he can become an investigator!  As we gain the Lords trust and we show him that we want it, he blesses us tremendously.
Tell Great Grandpa that I love him a TON! I am one of the TON brothers ya know. That's what it means! I also can't wait to be able to pick pecans from off that tree when I get home!

Elder Moe
Got to spend some more time with Zach Baird!
"This is one of Anne and Meghan's friends from
IllinoiS (don't forget to pronounce the S).  She
came up to me and asked, "Is your name Brinton?""
More of "Javi's last days pictures."

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