Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Crazy-tastic Week"

Mission swag

Woah this week is crazy and awesome. I love how Sister Baird came up with the word "crap-tastic" - crappy but fantastic. Our week wasn't super crappy but it was super crazy; we had a "crazy-tastic" week. It was fun memorizing my missionary commission. I hadn't memorized it before just because we don't focus on memorized stuff a lot in this mission. I guess that was me being a creature of circumstance and not a creator of one. While I was memorizing it, I took a video of me saying it over and over again and during that time I received a powerful spiritual witness that it is so true. I wouldn't have had that if you wouldn’t have asked me to do that, so thank you so much.  

Thursday temple trip!
This week we got to go to the temple on Thursday. It was amazing as always! I remember about how awesome it was to go to the temple before the mission and see Grandma and Grandpa. I remember that time when Grandpa had that prompting to walk around the temple and found us at the fountain and I was able to see him. It feels like memories of heaven because of the peace and calm that is there. After our temple trip, Sis. Eberhardt wanted us to help her with the shirts.  We went to the end of the first zone conference (they do half the mission at a time, one on Thursday and one on Friday). She told us to come at 12:30 so we could eat lunch and then we got all the shirts and handed them out. We had to upsize some of the Elders because they were asking for like mediums so they could look buff. We did the same thing the next day at our zone conference. It was so good.

Last Zone Conference with Pres. & Sis. Eberhardt
President shared his story at the conference. He was a convert to the church. He grew up going to the Methodist church and the LDS church - Methodist with his dad one week and LDS with his mom the other week. He said that in the Methodist church there was the Eberhardt pew and he remembers walking down the aside with his dad and sitting down for church. He also remembers going to primary with his mom. As he got older his parents realized they were pulling him in two different directions and so they decided to give him the time to study and pray and choose one or the other. He had already been baptized in the Methodist church when he was younger, but after praying and receiving an answer, he decided that he was going to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints. His dad was so supportive  and told him that he would do all that he could to help him live up to the promises that he had made. President had four sons that served missions and all of them invited and encouraged their grandpa to meet with the missionaries and get baptized but he wouldn't budge. He said, one day later when his Dad was 79, he (Pres. Eberhardt) got a call during work. He said that his dad never called him at work and so he answered. His dad said that he was “visited by two angels that invited him to "follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper priesthood authority from God"” and he said yes. Those angels were sister missionaries.  President said that he was baptized and because of his deteriorating health, Grandpa Eberhardt got permission to go through the temple early. On his 80th birthday, he took his father by the hand like his dad would do for him, walking to the pew on Sunday, into the House of the Lord.

Elder Moe

Olympus Zone Conference
"This guy flew into our FHE activity. We
invited him to meet with us but he wasn't
interested. Nice guy though!"
Zarahemla Dr.
"Abinidi did have a dead end..."
My Missionary Commission
Front of our mission shirts

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