Saturday, September 3, 2016

Rendezvous and the Booshway here in Evanston

"This is Elk Wyoming"  :D
August 29, 2016
Dear Family,

I love you! Sorry this letter will be shorter because I was trying to figure out my flash drive and it wasn't working.

This week has been an awesome one. I went on exchanges with Elder Soleberg. He came to Evanston and we had an awesome time. For morning workouts we played this basketball game for the whole thirty min! He was such a fun companion! It is so awesome having my last two companions as the APs. I love and respect them a ton and I get to see them all the time. We will be going this week down to the valley for Zone Conference and MLT (missionary leadership training). We are gonna be there in Salt Lake for almost 2 days straight.

This week we went to the Rendezvous here in Evanston (An event that celebrates the region’s trapping heritage with mountain men and women recreating a typical 1840s gathering.) It was awesome! Our Bishop was the head honcho at the Rendezvous (aka Booshway), so he had us judge the Dutch-oven dinner for our dinner appointment with him. Elder West bought a knife while we were there and I bought a tomahawk for 25 bucks because of good memories at Philmont. I had instant buyers remorse and took it back… Lol… Mom and Dad I love you.  We also had District Meeting this week in Green River. It was cool!

This is my journal from after our exchanges:
"Our Bishop was the Booshway at the Rendezvous.  He
is awesome!"
I am on exchanges with Elder Soleberg and it has been so fun! He is one of my favorites. We had some time to go tract and hand out the Star Valley Temple open house invitations. We found some flaky people that weren't super interested, but we got some return appointments. We had a lesson with Mindy our new investigator. Her brother was there and he is super into Dungeons and Dragons. He had like 500 dice all different sides and stuff. It was pretty cool.

Someone dropped stuff off at our house for dinner and we ate really fast and then played the basketball game. It was sick! He beat me a ton, but I had a few really good rounds - we were pretty even!

We had a lesson with another investigator and his wife and the lesson went pretty well. They have both been doing "research" that has been making them question their belief in even the bible...
"Don't believe everything you read on the Internet." -Abraham Lincoln  :D
This morning for workouts we played the basketball game again. LOL!

Transfers are coming up on Saturday! Ahhhhhhhh!!

Sorry I didn't get to any spiritual experiences, I'm out of time.  /:

Elder Moe
"District Meeting in Green River"
"Pitbull lap dog"
"This was some guy's seat that was getting burnt from the sun reflecting off of his jerry rigged rear-view mirror... LOL"
Rumble Strip Vibrato
(If you can't see the video, click on the highlighted link)

"DIY front porch"  :D

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