Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"Oh Yeah! We Have A Mission Home Now!"

"This is an investigator in the YSA, and Brett here was our fellowshipper for
the lesson and is about to leave on his mission .  He left like that next day."
Sept. 18, 2016
Dear Family,

Oh yeah! We have a mission home now!! We stayed there when we came down for zone conference. The Wyoming zone is awesome. We got there after the temple trip and changed and had some food that was left over from that day's zone conference. We had scripture study with President and Sister Hillier and their son. He is studying the New Testament in seminary this year so they are reading through it together. We read Luke 3. The next morning, sister Hillier had us help make breakfast - It was so awesome.  The Sisters stayed in my old apartment in Holladay because there were only 3 companionships of them. They said they hadn't prepared to stay at someone else's apartment that wasn't being lived in, so some of them didn't have bedding and they were pretty bitter the next morning at breakfast that we got to stay at the mission home. Apparently Sister Lawson got up to turn on the AC, and when someone got up later to turn it off, because it was freezing, they couldn't find the thermostat. We also may have left some food in the fridge that shouldn't have been left there and we had also left a whole ham in the freezer…lol  I was laughing pretty hard and apologizing of course. (Don't worry I don't pick on sisters I promise!!) It felt like we were back at the MTC with a ton of us sleeping in the same room.  Elder Lolofie was snoring in the morning and I just had to laugh to myself. 

Elders Douglass and Moe
Zone Conference this week was so awesome.  Elder Douglass and I had a day to prepare training for it so we spent a good amount of time there at the mission home prepping and studying.

I forgot some pictures so I just attached them to this - Sister Sanchez!
Nate Nadal is gonna be here next transfer!!!!! That's crazy!
The missionary committee is going to be trying some new things in the Salt Lake area and so we will be seeing some pretty cool things coming soon to our mission!

"Sis. Sanchez!"
Some things that I loved from zone conference: 

- The Sabbath day should not feel like the other six days of the week, your mission should not feel like your life before. DONT TRY TO PULL THINGS FROM YOUR LIFE INTO YOUR MISSION

- When Spencer W. Kimball was the prophet, there weren't missionaries in Utah. When they decided to bring missionaries in, they pulled four companionships from surrounding missions into Utah. (That's crazy) 

- I was reminded of the promise in PMG (preach my gospel) in the first presidency message: "More happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labor among His children." - The First Presidency       This is so true.

I know that if we desire the Holy Spirit to guide us, our Heavenly Father will teach us how.

I love you

Elder Moe

"When you see it..."  ~with Elder Douglass (look close :D)
Sisters Garcia, Pierce and Sanchez and Elders Moe and Douglass

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