Saturday, September 10, 2016

What Was the Best Part of Your Meetings This Week?

"Thor Hammer"
Sept. 5, 2016

Question of the week from Mom & Dad:
What was the best part of your meetings this week (MLC and Zone Conference)?

Elder Moe's response:
Wow that is a great question. Probably Elder Curtis (who is a General Authority Seventy) talking about the meeting he went to that morning on the fourth floor of the temple with all the twelve and the Prophet. He talked about how they run the meeting and who bore their testimonies that morning and what they said. He talked about what President Monson said when he got up. Elder Uchdorf in his testimony (they start off with three testimonies picked out of those there in the meeting) was talking about President Monson's efforts trying to get missionaries in Germany, the communist half. When President Monson got up he said something to the effect of, "I appreciate all the stories that have been said about me, but there is something that I want all of you to know… I'm a doer!" and then went on to talk about all that led up to getting the temple in Germany. He told of a meeting they were having with the leaders of the country that was starting out not super great. He said that the whole meeting changed when President Monson gave them a gift of this statue series that the church had come out with of families playing together. After they were discussing allowing the Saints to temporarily travel out of Western Germany to go to the temple nearby, the leaders of the country said, "Well instead of that, why don't you just build a temple here?" He talked a lot about how the church worked. It was sweet.

"Wyoming Zone (Zioming)"
"Mission Tour MLC with Elder Curtis"
Sis. Antunes, Elders Sotolongo, West & Moe

If the videos do not show up, then click on the brintonmoemission link below, or if it shows as an error, click on the youtube link in the video box.
Teaching Elder West to do a backflip

Evanston to SL


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