Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"My Slow to Learn and Stubborn Self"

Wyoming Zone
Sept. 12, 2016

Ok so I did write a letter last week... I am pretty sure. I can't find any evidence, so that stinks, but that's not really something I forget... most days…  Ahem…  This week was awesome though. Elder Douglass is my new companion!

So, in the mission office for ZL (zone leader) transfer meeting, I was sitting there and all the new zone leaders were having the opportunity to bear their testimony. Elder Douglass stood up first and bore a powerful testimony. He spoke and the spirit testified to me that he was awesome. I knew from the few interactions that we had that he was Truly good and without guile. I said a silent prayer that my Heavenly Father would help be more Christlike like Elder Douglass's example. They were doing the transfers and Wyoming was last and it was only us left! He is answering my prayers! 

On the way home from transfer meeting I almost pulled a Dr. J and pooped my pants. It was bad and there was nowhere to stop for miles. Luckily we made it home! 

A big lesson my Heavenly Father has been teaching my slow to learn and stubborn self lately is following the prompting of the spirit. We have seen some cool miracles as we have been following promptings, but He gave me a specific experience to teach me. I was driving and we were heading out to Almy and Bear River. We were driving by these trailer parks and I had an impression to turn in. I started counseling the Lord and thought, "We will never finish our plans if we don't head out to Almy now. I am going to make the decision to follow the plans." Thinking of the spirit as my companion, I foolishly thought I could talk through it. I turned off the talk we were listening to and asked Elder Douglass what he thought… he was already looking at me kind of panicked like and said, “oh no, I think they are pulling us over... don't panic.”  I ended up with just a warning, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn more from the Spirit and the Lord.
Sorry about the lack of emailege last week... 

Elder Moe

Serious WY Zone
A Sister from our home stake was traveling through Evanston, WY and ran into Elder Moe at a restaurant!!  She sent us a few pictures saying, "thought you'd enjoy seeing his sweet smile."

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